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We enjoy working with collaborative and inovative clients and are delighted when they get the recognition that they deserve.  Janof Hald Architecture has recently been recognized in many ways.

Most recently they were chosen as Elle Décor’s Designer of the Day on February 10th and  will soon be published in the May 1stcopy of the Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine.  The Janof’s own home will be featured in this edition.

But probably the most important recognition comes from the recently completed Prospect House.  Submitted for the AISC Steel Award and selected by the AIA for their Design for Decades online exhibition, this home on the south slope of Queen Anne exemplifies what we love about the use of exposed structure.

The following is an excerpt of their copy submitted for the AISC steel award.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed!


Prospect House is a result of celebrating a stunning Seattle panorama by exploiting the potential of conventional wide-flange steel in a wind-braced frame, giving the architects an opportunity to use an unusual amount of glass in a two-story high, fifty-foot wide wall.  Because the owners wished to maintain a domestic yet vintage industrial look to their home, the use of a commercial aluminum curtain wall system was out of the question. Nor could such a window wall be accomplished using wood construction. Combining a steel frame with residential grade wood windows allowed us to recreate the look of an old factory that is, at the same time, waterproof and structurally state-of-the art.

Prospect House is a great example of how steel can be used in a residential setting while conveying warmth, drama, and practicality. Steel is used neither to convey a sense of structural bravado nor for mere show. Prospect House demonstrates a useful, honest expression of a material that has unexplored architectural potential in the residential sphere.


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Photo credit - Benjamin Benschneider

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